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Mentor Implants

At MYA we are committed to the provision of first-class products and services for our patients. The safety and wellbeing of our patients is at the forefront of everything we do.

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What are Mentor Implants?

MYA have been using Mentor breast implants for 9+ years, and we are committed to providing our breast enlargement patients with the highest quality breast implants in the market. 

Mentor are part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies and the leading manufacturer of breast implants in the world. With over 40 years experience of making breast implants and their 98% patient satisfaction rate, MYA has chosen Mentor implants for its outstanding and trustworthy reputation.

Mentor breast implants are used in breast enlargement procedures to increase the volume and size of the breasts. Mentor breast implants are made with medical-grade cohesive silicone gel that holds together uniformly while retaining the natural ‘give’ of breast tissue. The gel-like substance is soft to touch and maintains its shape with movement.

MYA Mentor Breast Implants

Mentor have an extensive range of breast implants available for patients, with over 1,000 different options we are sure to find the right fit for you! Breast implants are available in a range of different:

  • Sizes
    Breast implants are measured in cubic centimetres (cc) not in cup-size. The sizes range from small to large to suit each individual's requirements. Some patients may require different size breast implants to correct asymmetry. 

  • Shapes
    There are two shapes of implants: round or anatomical (also known as teardrop).

  • Profiles
    The implant profile refers to the amount of forward projection off the chest wall. Described as: low, moderate, high or ultra high profile.

  • Placements
    The placement refers to whether the implant is placed under the muscle, over the muscle or partially between both, described: as submuscular, subglandular and subfascial. 

  • Textures
    Breast implants are available in smooth or textured. Your MYA surgeon will discuss the benefits and risks of each implant with you prior to surgery so that you are able to make an informed choice.

During your surgeon consultation, your expert surgeon will recommend the best breast implants for you based on your physiology to achieve your desired outcome.

Are Mentor implants safe?

Mentor’s products are associated with low rates of complications, this is due to the rigorous testing and strict inspections the implants undergo to ensure they adhere to the highest standard quality, safety and clinical performance. 

Mentor implants are uniquely designed with 4 shell layers, to prevent the implant leaking. The surface and texture of Mentor's implants are designed to ensure there is less risk of capsulation and a low risk of rupture. Mentor provide patients with safe quality breast implants they can trust, long after their surgery!

What is Mentor’s implant warranty?

Although every cosmetic procedure carries inherent risk, Mentor offers one of the most comprehensive breast implant warranties available. 

Mentor’s Promise Protection Plan

“Mentor Breast Implants are guaranteed for your lifetime and all recipients of Breast Implants are automatically enrolled in the MENTOR Promise Protection Plan. Should a confirmed rupture or deflation occur, you will receive up to two replacement breast implants of the same style at no charge.”

What’s included in Mentor’s implant warranty:

  • Free automatic enrolment to the Promise Protection Plan

  • Lifetime product replacement in case of confirmed rupture

  • In the case of confirmed rupture within 10 years of surgery, patients are eligible for up to £850 of financial assistance for surgical costs

  • Should a confirmed rupture or deflation occur, you will receive up to two replacement breast implants of the same style at no charge

  • Additional complications are also covered for 10 years with free product replacement

For more information on MYA’s aftercare policy please contact your PC or visit the MYA website.

Which Mentor implant is right for me?

Every patient’s body is unique, therefore no two patients have the same breast enlargement journey. MYA’s approach to finding the right breast implant for you is dependent on a few factors:

  • Your desired final outcome/look

  • Your natural breast tissue

  • Your physical requirements 

  • The presence of ptosis, breast asymmetry or tubular breasts

Your expert MYA surgeon will take all of the above factors into consideration during your surgeon consultation. They will also perform a physical examination and take measurements of your breasts to help them recommend the best breast implants for you.

Once you have discussed your options in detail with your surgeon, you will then have the opportunity to try on implant sizers, this is an exciting step in your journey and will help you get a feel for the different implant sizes and projections. 

The breast implant rice test

Another great way to get you excited about your procedure and to help you visualise the weight and size of different implants and what breast implants might look like on you, is by trying the rice test at home. All you need is a pair of tights and some dried rice!

Breast implants weigh the same in Grams (g) as they measure in Cubic Centimeters (cc), for example, 300cc breast implants weigh the same as 300g of rice. To learn more about the rice test, check out our blog.

Do Mentor implants need replacing?

The lifetime of a breast implant can vary from patient to patient. The Medical Devices Agency recommends that implants are replaced every 10-15 years. MYA recommends patients visit their surgeon or GP for an assessment during this time if they have any concerns.

Typically, patients will have their implants in for around 10 years and then opt for implant removal and reaugmentation surgery to replace their implants with new ones. This is normally due to the natural changes that the female body undergoes during this time. 

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and the natural ageing of skin can cause the breasts to change in shape and size, meaning that implants no longer sit on the chest wall as they once did. 

There are instances of patients having their implants in for 30 years so it really does depend on your own body. Some patients may also choose to change their implant size overtime, seeking smaller or larger breast implants.

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