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Male Rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty - also known as nose reshaping or a men's nose job - is MYA’s most popular male procedure.

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    1 - 2 hours

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    6-8 weeks

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    Up to 1 year

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    Nose Job

What is a male rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure that reshapes and refines the nose for a new look, to mend an injury or to help with breathing difficulties. 

If a patient comes to us for a male nose job for aesthetic reasons, the main benefit of the procedure is confidence and a boost in self-esteem. Feeling better about yourself will also have a positive effect on your social, romantic and professional relationships. 

However, a popular reason for men to undergo male rhinoplasty surgery is to aid sleep apnea, which is when men struggle to sleep due to breathing difficulties, negatively affecting their quality of life. 

A male nose job can widen the nasal airway, straighten out the partition and unlock the nasal septum to reduce congestion and make breathing easier.

Male rhinoplasty patient story

How much does a male nose job cost?

The starting cost of a male rhinoplasty at MYA is £7,995. 

This cost is subject to change due to individual requirements and what look they’d want to achieve. 

At the initial nose job consultation, you’ll be given a guide price. Then, at the surgeon consultation, a fixed price will be provided.

There is no guarantee of specific outcomes so individual results and experiences can vary from person to person.

Types of male nose surgery

With rhinoplasty surgery, there are a few different techniques available. The one performed is determined by the physical requirements and the preferences of the surgeon, as well as the look they want to achieve. 

Open rhinoplasty - A small incision is made on either side of the nostril before elevating the skin. The bone is then reshaped. 

Closed rhinoplasty - No external incisions are made and the nose reshaping is performed from inside the nostrils. 

Alar base reduction (alarplasty) - This is performed as part of rhinoplasty surgery to adjust the width of the nostrils. 

Septo rhinoplasty - Performed as part of a male nose job, this technique helps to correct a deviated septum. '

What can be changed with a male nose job

The result of a male nose job is dependent on the look the patient wants to achieve. Areas of the nose that can be operated on are: 

Bridge - the cartilage can be reshaped to remove a 'hump' from the nose, creating a more slender appearance. 

Tip - nose reshaping surgery also includes changing the curve of the tip of the nose.

Length - the overall length of the nose can also be reduced by adjusting the central structure (septum). 

Width - by repositioning the side nasal bone during the rhinoplasty procedure, the width of the nose can be reduced for a narrower appearance.

Male rhinoplasty surgery

Many men consider a male nose job to refine the bridge and nostrils of their nose or to straighten and unlock their nasal septum, in turn relieving breathing difficulties that may have developed as a result of close contact sporting injuries or a birth defect.

The rhinoplasty procedure itself takes around 2 hours to perform and is done under general anaesthetic. During surgery, an incision is made inside or around the nose to separate the soft tissues from its underlying structure, allowing for reshaping or positioning. 

In some cases, cartilage can be taken from other parts of the body to assist in building a new profile. The male nose job procedure can vary slightly depending on the results you wish to achieve but will be made more clear during consultations with our expert team.

Male rhinoplasty recovery 

The initial recovery period of a male rhinoplasty is 6-8 weeks. After this time, patients will notice a reduction in swelling and bruising and start to see what their new nose will look like. 

Although obvious swelling should subside within 1 month after nose surgery, patients often find the results continue to improve over a 12-month period as everything continues to settle.

Patients are advised to take 2 weeks off work to recover, during which time a splint will be required to help aid in reducing the swelling and preserving the results. 

You will be invited to post-op appointments with your MYA nurse after the procedure. You must attend these, so we can deliver wound care, answer any of your questions and remove the nose splint prior to discharge 

It is recommended to avoid any activities that could injure your nose for a few months following the procedure. This includes vigorous exercise, manual labour, heavy lifting and sexual intercourse.     

Male nose surgery with MYA 

Interested in male rhinoplasty?

Whether it’s for cosmetic or functional reasons, our expert surgeons are ready to refine and reshape your nose. 

Book a FREE eConsult today to speak with a member of our team about male rhinoplasty surgery from the comfort of your own home and kick-start your cosmetic surgery journey.

Before & After

Male Rhinoplasty

Below is a small selection of the amazing work that our MYA nose job surgeons perform. When you attend your free consultation with your Patient Coordinator, they will be able to show you a range of before and after photos that closely match you.

You can talk to thousands of our happy patients within our online community.



Male Rhinoplasty at MYA


Male Rhinoplasty at MYA


Male rhinoplasty patient 1 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 1 - post-op




Male rhinoplasty patient 7 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 7 - post-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 6 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 6 - post-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 5 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 5 - post-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 4 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 4 - post-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 3 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 3 - post-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 2 - pre-op


Male rhinoplasty patient 2 - post-op


Please bear in mind that photos are taken at 6 weeks post-op and swelling can take up to a year to fully subside.

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You can talk to thousands of our happy patients within our online community.

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