The importance of finding a qualified and accredited surgeon to carry out your plastic surgery has been reaffirmed.

A statement released in advance of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons’ (BAAPS’) three-day Annual Scientific Meeting makes clear the necessity of research in choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

BAAPS president-elect Rajiv Grover said: “The single most important factor in determining the outcome of surgery is the choice of surgeon.”

He went on to describe it as “crucial” to secure a safe operation and pointed out that it is the surgeon’s responsibility to highlight when surgery is not appropriate for an individual.

The statement also noted difference in the ease of checking qualifications of surgeons in the UK when compared to the US, where conducting research on a prospective expert is commonplace.

“Sadly, it is becoming increasingly apparent that in the United Kingdom, the average patient spends longer choosing their bathroom tiles than choosing their surgeon,” Dr Grover said.