Botox is usually used by men and women to smooth out lines and wrinkles, but women in the US are using the non-surgical procedure to stop these problems developing in the first place, according to one expert.

In an interview with abc news, published online March 12th, Dr Debra Jaliman said patients are using Botox to stop the signs of ageing kicking in and that she often advises early action when asked.

“If you know you’re somebody who’s going in the direction of cosmetics and you know that you’re going to care about lines, then I say it’s better to do it earlier than to wait and do it once these lines have etched into the skin,” she said.

“So if you’re in your 20s and you start to see lines coming, then why not do it early and prevent it? And to me it’s just like exercise.”

Botox injections are the most commonly carried out non-surgical procedure in the US.

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