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PowerX Vaser Liposuction, widely known as Vaser Lipo or ultrasonic liposuction, is an amazing new form of lipo that can help you get the body that you’ve always wanted!

Vaser lipo is one of the most popular forms of liposuction available targeting those unwanted fatty areas you struggle to budge like love handles (flanks) inner thighs or even bingo wings. PowerX Vaser machines use ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart the fatty tissue whist still preserving important tissues. The sound waves that the small probes emit break apart the fat on contact, once the fat is liquefied it is easily removed gently via suction through tiny discrete incisions so small that there is usually no need for dissolvable stitches.

The ultrasound (ultrasonic) technology is powerful enough to target multiple large areas as well as being gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the chin. Due to this new technology, a much higher quantity of fat can be removed in a shorter time meaning the procedure can be carried out under local anaesthetic with sedition as a day case procedure.

MYA have specially equipped ultrasonic liposuction treatment rooms in Manchester, Doncaster, Birmingham and the MYA Fitzroy Hospital in London.

Up to 4 litres of fat can be removed within 2 hours vaser liposuction (maximum treatment time) this can be from multiple areas. Your Vaser specialist surgeon will discuss the time it will take to treat the areas required. Recovery time for vaser lipo can be faster than traditional liposuction (surgical lipo) meaning you can usually return to non-physical work after 3-4 days. You will be required to wear a compression garment for 4-6 weeks along with a 4D vest for 2-4 weeks if your abdomen or flanks are treated. All garments are supplied at no additional cost.

  • Purpose – Removes up to 4 litres of fat from several areas in two hours.
  • Sedation - Local anaesthetic with sedation.
  • Patient Criteria – Must be within 2 stone of ideal weight.
  • Location of treatment- MYA Clinic – no overnight stay required.
  • Recovery/Aftercare – Quick recovery times. Some soreness, bruising and swelling should be expected. A garment must be worn after the procedure. Can usually return to work within a couple of days.


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