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lauren mya girl
Lauren, 22, PowerX Vaser Fat Removal
I now have SO much confidence!!

Q) Why did you want to have PowerX Vaser Liposuction?
I wanted to have PowerX Vaser Liposuction as I have always been around a size 10; however I've never been able to get rid of a stubborn area of fat on my stomach and my love handles. I go the gym regularly and it was getting me down that despite how hard I was working those particular areas just wouldn't shift!

Q) Why did you choose PowerX Vaser Liposuction over Traditional Liposuction?
I chose Vaser as I needed a quick recovery with as little pain as possible. Vaser also offers maximum fat removal in minimum time, which was perfect for me as it meant I could just go in as a day patient. The surgery was performed in Manchester at the MYA clinic so my boyfriend was able to wonder round the shops whilst I was having it done, then came back and picked me up! It was just so easy and convenient for me.

If you are interested in having PowerX Vaser Fat Removal then please click here to find out more or alternatively you can call 0800 0 14 10 14 and speak to one of our helpful Patient Advisors!

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