Full Payment for Cosmetic Surgery

Full payment

If you’ve saved hard and you’re able to pay for your procedure in full, then you’ve got the easiest payment option available. If you want to pay in full then there are just a few things to know:


A deposit is required should you wish to schedule a date for your procedure.

The deposit amount will depend on the point at which you schedule the procedure. A £1000 deposit is required should you opt to schedule an operation prior to the surgeon consultation. A £500 deposit is required should you opt o schedule an operation after attending a surgeon consultation.

Payment Terms

Payment in full will be required immediately following the lapse of the 14 day reflection and cooling off period or 56 days prior to the scheduled procedure date, whichever occurs first.

Should the procedure date be within 56 days at the point of scheduling, the balance will be required in full.

Any failure to clear the balance in full in line with these payment terms and conditions may result in the procedure date being changed, or even cancelled.