Having a full understanding of the procedure, provider, surgeon, premises and aftercare are all vital pieces of research to carry out when considering a cosmetic surgery operation. In order to help patients know what to look for when conducting this research, MYA are the only cosmetic surgery provider and breast enlargement specialists to have a unique open and transparent forum for patients to share their experiences, stories and research procedures, clinics and MYA surgeons at length.

The MYA Space community boasts over 70,000 members who can share images and talk publicly or privately with new members. It’s an insight to cosmetic surgery that hasn’t been available prior to MYA. It’s a form of impartial education and advice that proves extremely positive among patients.

From your initial consultation you are supplied with endless information to help you make an informed decision regarding having cosmetic surgery. The MYA Patient Guide which includes aspects you will find helpful such as preparing for surgery and MYA’s aftercare plus much more. You will also receive a procedure guide specific to your chosen procedure which gives you the risks and benefits of this procedure. All of which your PC and surgeon will go into great details about, they have a wealth of experience and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Clinical Data

Another key part of any patient’s research is in to the clinical data of their provider and surgeon. We have been collecting and publishing our clinical data onto our website since 2012, however, since the introduction of PHIN (Private Healthcare Information Network), we have been submitting our data to them to be published on their site.

The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) is the independent, government-mandated source of information about private healthcare, working to empower patients to make better-informed choices of care provider. They have been mandated by the government to collect data from every private hospital in the UK to help provide this information for patients. PHIN is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to make more robust information about private healthcare available than ever before, and to improve data quality and transparency.

As the UK leader in Cosmetic surgery, MYA prides itself on the close working relationship it has with PHIN since 2015. During this time, MYA has been involved in making key decisions about how PHIN collects data and how it should be made available to patients in addition to taking on an advisory role about the Cosmetic Surgery sector and how to use technology to improve data quality.

Sharing a common goal with PHIN, MYA believes that the future of healthcare relies on the provision and analyses of quality data to improve transparency and ensure our patients have the best possible outcomes. Proud to be one of the top providers of data to PHIN across the entire private healthcare sector, MYA provides PHIN with the following types of anonymised data:

  • Hospital Admissions Data Including:
    • Patient Numbers
    • Procedure types
    • Surgeons operating
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Patient Experience
    • Length of Stay
  • Patient Satisfaction and Experience
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) – At MYA we use PROMs to assess the quality of care we are delivering to our patients from their perspective. By filling out the PROMs questionnaires, we can track our patients progress to ensure we have delivered the best possible outcomes.

If you would like to see the type of data already being published by PHIN about the Fitzroy Hospital or our surgeons, please follow this link: https://www.phin.org.uk. You are able to search by location and procedure to find the top providers in the UK.

MYA’s London hospital is the busiest site for breast enlargement in the UK. The 3rd party facility that we use in the North is also the second busiest site in the UK. click on the search results below to see for yourself:

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