Only 1 implant in, other taken out 6 days post op.

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    Aw honey I am sorry to read your story and hear of you unfortunate experience. Bless you; what a star you are dealing with all that!

    I am very squeemish and reading your story has made me cup my little boobies and prey this doesnt happen to me when I have mine done.

    The body reacts to things in many different ways doesnt it!?

    Oh and as for the sizr thing; I dont think you have anything to lose in asking!

    Chin up babe, we all feel for you. x x x

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    hope ur ok donna, i would def ask for bigger if its what u want. u have done so well and been so brave, hopefully wil be sorted soon. sorry to hear ur so upset at night, hope ppls comments r helping u a little x

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    omg donna, you poor thing, so sorry to hear what happened to you hunni. Really hope that you recover very quickly, and they are able to put the other implant back in. Def worth asking about a bigger size, if you feel you want to go bigger, but i guess they could say you have to pay extra for any bigger ones? Keep us updated hunni, take care xx

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    Thank you 2 eveyone of you who has commented on my situation, its helping me get through this, being able 2 talk about it and knowing that you all wish me well. THANKS X X X

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    Hi girls its been a while but on 8 march 11, i finaly got my boobs redone. I went for 525cc and well pleased with them. Fingers crossed nowt happens to these ones, its been 5 months now, its wierd having two boobs lmao xx

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    Good luck! You will probably be ff cup.. Even a g cup. Since u had it under the muscle, they fluff after post op.. My friend was a very small a and had 525cc over a year ago in dec 09 with overs and now she is a 32f/ff.

    Sorry you had an unfortunate experience but at least things are turning around x

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    Aww well hopefully now you’ve found your happy ending and can enjoy your new boobs over the summer! xxx

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    Omg,that is like a nightmare come true!! Im so sorry u had to go thru that. I hope ur boobs look amazin! U defo deserve it.

    I have 3 days til my op..kinda wish I hadnt read this thread,lol. Xx

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    Congrats hunni, i bet you are over the moon. Sorry to hear what you had to go thru though :( On the bright side at least now you have 525’s :lol: xx Happy healing xx


    oh gawd im sorry to hear that u had such a tough time hunni but im glad u got them sorted and a bigger size too, will keep everything crossed that u heal perfectly this time round xxxx happy healing sweetie x

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    Eee my god, Donna, this brought tears to my eyes because of the pain you must have gone through and then tears to my eyes again to see your update, that you’ve finally got your boobs and all seems well. You’ve been through the mill for them. I hope you have a lovely holiday planned to show them bad boys off. Take very good care of yourself. x

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    Well done babe sooo pleased for u xx

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    What a horrible story. But well done to you for sticking it out and happy healing. xx

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    Oh Donna what a story! glad all turned out well inthe end & you got the bigger size too.. happy healing :)

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    i hope its second time lucky hope u like ur bigger boobs hope u continue to heal well x x

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