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    I had my first consultation today on rhinoplasty. I am booked for a consultation with surgeon Mr Gonschior next month. I was just wondering if anyone had any past experiences with him and any before & after photos of their rhinoplasty which I could possibly see? I have seen that he did Lauren Goodger’s rhinoplasty from The Only Way is Essex and she looks fab!!

    Thanks x :D

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    Sof <3

    hi hun, i had closed rhinoplasty and im now 6 weeks post op, u can add and see my photos xxx

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    You can add me I had open with Dr G 5 weeks post op.xxx

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    I had closed surgery with Dr Gonschoir 3 days ago, add me if you like. I’ll be adding pics at some point x

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    He is A brilliant surgeon… I had my surgery last September. xx

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    I had him too :) xx

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    Hi girls, I am at the researching stage and would like to see your pictures with this surgeon, all the comments I have come across are all great about him :-) Many Thanks!

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    I had him last September too xx

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    I had Mr G in September and I am so happy, he is a nose genius! xx

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    Mr Gonschoir sounds like a good surgeon. I am thinking of getting my nose reshaped and I am very nervous to give someone the responsibility of reshaping it… and was wondering if anyone could show me his work/ tell me about the experience… should I go with him???

    Would really help, Thanks :)

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    Hi everyone,

    I have the surgeon consultation with Mr Gonschoir on June 20th in Birmingham – so excited!

    Hope to have the surgery in the next 4-6 months! Add me!!

    Mitch x

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    He did a nose tip reduction on me in Feb 2011 and i loved his work. Really the best decision i ever made and he is a lovely man and top surgeon. I was super nervous but he really did a good job and the recovery was pretty easy too. It’s a rough first two weeks though mostly because you have to breath through your mouth to sleep and that leaves you with a hideously sore throat. After that it’s all plain sailing :) Go for it and you won’t regret it. H x

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    I had my open rhino with Dr G on monday, feeling a bit sorry for myself as the recovery is tough and the anaesthetic has made me soo tired, but he really is fab, so reassuring so professional, he let me show him lots of pics of noses i like and was honest about what he could and could not do for me.. add me if you like… my cast is off on 6th of june im so nervous!! have a consultation with him, u will know for definate after u meet him… x

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    Gabriella x

    Hii, had my cast off yday n let me tell you im in love with myself!!

    DR.G has fulfilled my expectations n more. Hes fab!

    Need to put my post op piks of however few cast piks on etc.

    Welcome to add, n ask qs.

    Lots of love xx

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    Hi girls I am also at research/consultation with Mr G stage so I hope you don’t mind if I add you as friends and get some shared experiences. I’m really sporty so my main concern is how long it would take for normal breathing to come back! x

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