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    8 stone

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    Breast enlargement

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    Dr Frati

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Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    I have always been fed up with my boobs since I was like 16. Most of my girls have big boobs aswell which made me jealous! Literally I can’t wear plunge body suits or booby tops cos I just look like a ten year old boy. Even on holiday I look like a child in a bikini lol. I am so unhappy with my boobs!

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    I know a few people who have had there boobs done at MYA at they look so perfect and the scaring is minimal. I’ve had consultations with the hospital group Nottingham, and Harley medical Nottingham and MYA was best hands down. From the consiltation for the quality of the surgery MYA definitely appears to be better and I know I am getting the best quality surgery. I feel in safe hands 100%.

  • How was your consultation?

    i had my consiltation in April 2016 (Nottingham). I took one of my close friends Sarah, she is really supportive and understanding and I think it’s important to take a reliable friend with you so they can take in all the information and give there personal opinions aswell. I was so nervous before I got to the clinic I remember saying to Sarah I need a glass of wine before I go in cos I was so anxious. But I couldn’t have been more wrong the receptionist Amy was so lovely and welcoming and my PC jade was really nice, she answered all my questions and gave me all the advice I needed, she helped me choose the perfect surgeon for me and showed me before and after pictures. We got to feel the implants and she explained how they are made etc.. it just went really well and I was so certain MYA was where I wanted to have my procedure. A few months later when I rang Nottingham clinic they told me jade left and I was so upset, but then I received a call a month or so after from her and she had returned so I booked my surgery and payed my 1000 deposit that I had been saving and my surgery is now all booked! I met with my surgeon on the 1st of march and I had no regrets that I chose him he was amazing and so friendly. I chose to go to a D and he helped me chose this size. I am going for a fake look over the muscle.

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