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  • Height

    5ft 4

  • Weight

    8st 13lbs

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  • Procedures

    Breast Augmentation

  • Surgeon

    Dr Andrea Giannitrapani

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Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    I wanted the procedure as I felt really insecure about my body, I always wore padded bras and just felt uncomfortable with the way I looked especially in bikinis! Even around my boyfriend I just felt like I had to cover up.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    I actually went to another consultation first but didn’t feel completely comfortable and didn’t agree with what the surgeon wanted for me (he wanted me to have over the muscle 290cc.) So I chose to go to MYA – straight away with my PC Amanda I felt like I was given lots of information and felt at ease. I know a lot of celebs that have had breast augmentation surgery with MYA and just felt it was right for me.

  • How was your consultation?

    My Consultation with my surgeon (dr Andrea giannitrapani) was really quick but this was only because I didn’t have many questions as I already found out so much info. I went in and he examined me and told me what he reccommended, he was all about the natural look which is exactly what I wanted and I agreed with everything he said! He was very straight to the point and really made me feel like he knew his stuff! He even pointed out I had one nipple higher than the other so not to be alarmed after surgery but to be honest I still don’t even notice this post op. We agreed on 3 sizes which they ordered in for the surgery incase I changed my mind on the day. Then I went with my PC to try them on and I decided on 375cc. Over all it was a great experience and left me feeling very reassured and happy.

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    So my mom and dad both decided they wanted to come to the hospital with me in Preston I arrived there at 8 and was taken straight to my room which was great I had an ensuite and a television which my dad watched more than me! I was actually first on the list for surgery that day which was great for me, the nurse came in and ask me all the health questions – I can’t remember her name but she was so lovely and really relaxed me as I quite nervous – Then the ward Doctor came in and introduce himself then the anaesthesiologist came in asked me more questions (as I’m asthmatic I had to make sure to take my inhalers in to surgery.) Then finally Dr Andrea came in, he drew lines over my chest and took some pictures, he then just ran through the procedure with me and told me he was going to try two different implants 350cc and 375cc which I was happy with. About 10.15 I went straight to surgery and I was injected with the anesthetic and given some oxygen through a mask and pretty much went out like a light! Next I was waking up and I was actually wrestling with the nurse as I really wanted to lie on my side haha! Not good! But then I was back in my room, I was very much in and out of sleep but I won’t lie I felt like I was in a lot of pain and kept asking for pain relief. A few hours after this I was discharged and my mom and dad drove me home. At home I still felt a bit out of it and moving my arms was just causing pain, my boyfriend actually fed me my dinner!

  • How was your recovery?

    The first few days of my recovery I was in a lot of paid I’m not sure whether this is because I’m such a wuss but it really did hurt. They gave me co codamol as pain relief to take for 3 days and I actually took them every 3 and half hours not four as it would just get to painful especially when sleeping. I would definitely make it a nessecity to eat ALOT of fibre or even take laxatives as this medication makes you seriously constipated. I had quite a lot of fluid around my waist but this is normal and will go after a couple of weeks or so, I also felt really bloated but that was also from the medication. The second week I definitely started to feel a it better physically but mentally it took its toll, I absolutely love my new boobs couldn’t have turned out better for me and I’m only 19 days post op! But I just felt fed up of lying about not being able to do certain things, my nipples and breast feel tender to touch and the lack of sleep really got to me, to be honest I am only just starting to feel better about this, but this again is totally a normal thing to feel after having surgery. I am now nearly 3 weeks and am so pleased with the result still healing but feeling good about how everything is going still struggling to sleep as can’t really sleep on my side but not in pain just occasionally feel an ache. The stitches are healing quite nicely had bandages taken off at 2 week appt and was allowed my first shower – best feeling.

  • Are you happy with your results?

    I am so pleased with my results, I think they are going to look very natural which is what I wanted! I think the size is perfect my surgeon went for 375cc and they are in proportion with my body. They are really symmetrical and I am really pleased with the shape although I know they will change more as I’m only 19 days post op. Could not reccommend my surgeon more! Xx


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