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  • Height

    5 ft 2

  • Weight

    8st 1lb

  • Bra size

    32 a

  • Clinic location


  • Procedures

    Breast aug

  • Surgeon

    Dr Gary Traynor

  • Age


Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    Was so fed up of being flat chested. Wanted a breast aug since i was 18. Money was only thing stopping me!

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    i had a couple of consultations with other places and mya stood out from the rest. They made me feel comfortable, and i felt as though they actually cared about me rather than the money

  • How was your consultation?

    My consultation was brill! All my questions that i had were answered!

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    On the day of the procedure i was very nervous but also very excited the nurse who was looking after me was lovely and so were the theatre staff. It was over and done with so fast!

  • How was your recovery?

    Recovery – Quite sore the first few days, needed some help to do basic things like getting up and cooking food, but it flew over now im feeling fine and enjoying having boobs!

  • Are you happy with your results?

    extremely happy with my results!


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