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    Hey girls, I had unders 300 mod+, and had my strapping removed today in clinic. So I have finallllyyyyy gotten to have a look at what £5k has actually got me! I have boobs! And they are evenly sized and amazing. My boobs feel faaacking HUGE and are super sore and sensitive, especially my nipples. I can’t feel a lot of my boobs especially the bottom half, which makes them feel alien, almost like they’re not my body. It’s weird. My nipples seem really uneven literally they are looking in opposite directions, has anyone else had this post op, is this normal and does it rectify itself with drop and fluff??

    J xx

    Demi 25

    From what ive read they will change loads by 6-8 weeks so dont panic wait till u get to that stage 🙂 xx

    Hannah 19

    Yes it’s normal Hun. The feeling will start to come back; I have one patch now even at 12 weeks and it’s still a bit numb. The swelling will go down and they’ll start to drop and fluff. I didn’t think mine had done anything change wise but when I look back I can see it now. Just be patient Hun you’ll get there xx

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