2 days post op and in pain! Started by: Haylie

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  • Haylie

    Hi everyone, I had 400cc unders on Tuesday 5th at Transform and I’m in agony.
    My breast don’t hurt so much, it’s the breast band that hurts my sides under my arms and shoulders.
    Can anyone tell me how long this pain lasts? It’s unbearable 🙁


    Hi Haylie,

    I’m 8 days PO and it does get better! I was in agony for the first 4 days (although stopped taking painkillers 2 days PO as I kept going nauseous) I’m not sure if its because I’m simply used to the band being there now or because they’ve started to somewhat settle but now I feel fine other than getting up (still a bit of a killer!)

    Keep on top of your meds and try to get plenty of rest and you will get there x


    Hey Hun, I had mine done 2nd Nov I also have a breast band and that’s the only thing causing me any uncomfort now! I haven’t taken any pain meds for two days it does get better I promise xxxx

    Ashlea 1

    I had my op yesterday and I’m in agony with my back.. is this normal? ??

    Steph 9

    Oh wow! These bladdy breast bans are horrible! I had my surgery yesterday (7th) and I’m in a lot of pain with the breast ban on, without it on I feel a little bit achy but overall fine.

    My right boob feels like it’s on fire with the band on. I have to wear it for 2 weeks :’-(

    Anyway, good luck, girls 😀 xxx


    Sorry you’re in pain too! My nurse said I could take the band off for 30 mins occasionally for relief so I’m trying that.

    How do your boobs look and feel? Mine are very swollen 4 days post op and hard. Sore to touch and look like they are just strapped on. Hope this is normal and just part of the healing process x


    Hi Ashley,

    I’m exactly the same! Op yesterday and my back is absolutely killing me!

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