2 days post op…… some advice please. Started by: Rhianne

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  • Rhianne 3

    Hi girls, I am now 2 days post op and luckily the pain is easing off today.
    I seen a lot of people mention the bloat…..
    I have the bloat so badly and I’m so uncomfortable. I’m sat with a hot water bottle on my tummy to see if that helps.
    Has anyone got any advice for the bloat?!
    I was able to finally have a little peek at my boobs this morning and they look amazing! Can’t wait to be able to take my bra off and have a proper look in a couple of days when I can bare it.

    Shannon 8

    I used the tablets ‘windsettlers’ they helped me a lot, says its for trapped wind so maybe i had that but it definitely relieved it! x

    Emma 2

    I was told to drink lots of water to help with the bloating. I’m 10 days po and I still look like I’m pregnant ?? x

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