315cc motiva or 335cc? Started by: Tajana

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  • Tajana

    I’m about 5,3ft and 50kg.
    Small framed
    My chest width is 11inch

    My surgeon has suggested for me to achieve a size C this is what he recommends otherwise he has said i could have skin rippiling or strain as i dont have alot of fatty tissue or skin around my breast area, although I’m natrually borderline B. Is there much difference should i see if i can go bigger or should I take advice of my surgeon. I’m just worried after settles down i dont want to be disappointed… Any suggestions.


    I’m 5’2 and 46 kg was also advised to go for 315 as “bigger option” initially I was offered 265cc demi. My surgery is in a month and I’m a little bit scared to become too big…

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