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    Hi, I’m booked in for 27th April for 350 under the muscle (but considering 375). I am currently a 32b and a slim build on top, 5ft 6 and curvy bottom half. Has anyone got any pics as I am so undecided and my op is in less than 2 weeks!! Thanks x

    Sophie 22

    Hey I was 32b 5ft 2 slim on top curvey at bottom after having my son I had 375 in right n 350 in left cos one was slightly bigger I’m 2 weeks post op and currently wearing 34e sports bra they honestly don’t feel or look that big tho defo go for the bigger size

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    Wow, they look AMAZING!!!!! They look really in proportion but still a good size, thank you! Are yours under?

    Lucy 7

    Hello, I had 375 under the muscle moderate profile, pictures on profile if you want to add me, I’m 5 days post op. What profile you going for? X


    Thanks – i’m going for high profile. I have just decided to go with everything that my surgeon recommended, the only decision left to me is the size now. I’ve sent you a request now x

    Ellie 281

    I was the same! 350cc or 375cc. I would say go with the 375cc mine didn’t turn out as big as I would have imagined and so glad I didn’t go 350cc now even tho there’s very little differnce in it xx

    Leigh 61

    Hi Becky Jade
    Thanks for your nice compliment, I really am in love with mine! I have accepted your friend request so feel free to go and have a look at my pictures. I was a 32B, 5’9, size 8 and I had 375cc high profile overs so very similar stats to you.
    There really isn’t much in it between 350 and 375, you really wouldn’t notice the difference with such a small amount. Go for the 375 and if you say you have a curvier bottom half, then definitely go for the 375. I think they would suit you just lovely 😀 Feel free to ask any questions. I can bet you’re getting excited, not long now xx


    Thank you! I think I’m now leaning more to 375! The advice and seeing pics really helps! I’m so excited now! X


    I think it depends what look your after as high profiles meant to be more fake looking rather then natural but Id still go 375cc, im also 375cc but im moderate unders and glad I didnt go smaller, as like above it doesnt seem as big as I expect but its diff to everyones body, everyone says go the biggest you get advised 🙂
    But goodluck with your new boobies! 🙂

    Molly 8

    Hiya, i had 350cc and theyre perfect for my frame! I went from a 32b to 30f (knew 32 was way too loose) im crazy in love with them, and am off bra shopping again now! ?
    Youre welcome to add me as i have progress pics on my profile. Good luck girl xxx

    Charlene 1

    Hi Molly hope you don’t mind me replying to your message, how does the 350 cc feel? Finding it hard what size to go for I’m 5’1 size 6/8 and bust I’m 32 a in left b in right. Would you mind sending me a photo of your size it hard as they don’t you photos of the side you want to go cx

    Lottie 5

    The girls that have gone 375cc what size does that make you now when trying on bras? xx


    Hi becky, I having my op on 27th as well. I’m only a 34aa and I’m going for 375 hp. I think I was offered high profile because I have no breast tissue at the top. So it will make them look natural. However if you r larger in size they could look fake. My surgeon Mr traynor said they will not look fake at all because I’m going good behind the muscle. Where u having your op??

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