380cc what bra size did you end up? Started by: Maz

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    Hi ladies
    I had 380cc under. I was a 32A. I would like to find out what size girls ended up with after having 380cc.
    I really don’t know what size I’m gonna be. At the moment I’m 1 week post op. I got measured in m&s yesterday and I was a large 32D/small 32DD.
    My problem is I don’t know if they are that size because of swelling. I don’t know if they are stil swollen – I don’t have any pain and the feel loads more softer.
    I also don’t know if thy are gonna shrink or fluff.
    They do need to drop.
    I really don’t want them to shrink to a 32C!!
    Any ideas ladies!!?
    Thanks xx

    C1990 2

    I had 265 and measure a 32dd from being a deflated b cup basically an a.. I don’t look a DD but the bras fit perfectly so i really don’t think you’ll shrink to a 32c Hun. Because you’re under as well I think you’ll get a bit bigger when you drop and fluff. Or stay the same cup size you are but look a bit bigger when they fluff out. Don’t panic as hard as it is, it really is a working progress you just have to be patient and give it time. I know it’s difficult though believe me x


    My best friend was pretty much completely flat, now 4 months on she’s a 34 dd from 375 unders xx


    Thanks you so much for your replies! Given me a little piece of mind!! Xxxx

    Francesca -1

    I had 300CC overs from an A and I’m now a DD, no point getting measure so early hun as it won’t be accurate at all xx


    I was a 32A had 380cc but overs. I’m 3weeks 5days I got measured in Boux avenue yesterday as a 32D/DD I didn’t try any bra on so the woman couldn’t decide if I was a D or DD. xx


    I had 375 from 32b I’m 16 weeks and I’m in 32F x


    Hi, did you have over or under the muscle?

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