400cc Overs – Would I be able to change implant size? Started by: Anonymous

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    Hi Everyone – I have just booked/paid for my surgery on the 15th November. I had read the recommendations about Mr Traynor – He was a little formal in our meeting and looked at my boobs and said ‘they are lovely as they are, why do you need anything'(which worried me a little that wont change them too much) I currently wear a 34B bras but they are always the same make& padded so more large A/Small B. He suggested 400cc overs which looked great when trying on the implants. HOWEVER after looking at all the lovely 425cc and 450cc after photos on here I wish I had chosen bigger. My question is can I as surgery not till November? And more so would he allow this? I want a large D minimum (which not sure if 400cc would do)but don’t want too large as curvy but short. x

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