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    Hey Girls
    I have posted on here the other week but incase you didn’t see it or you are new I Jsut wanted to let you know I am just over 7 weeks now and I am so happy. I went back to the gym yesterday and I have no pain no discomfort I wouldn’t even know they were there in terms of moving around now. They have dropped and look so much better they even have movement now. I am thrilled with the size and the whole experience, procedure and surgeon it’s the best thing I did!
    I know how nerve wracking it can be girls so please feel free to message me on Instagram I am happy to show before and after photos and it’s also really nice meeting other girls who have been through the same. My Instagram is – KIMBERLEYROBERTS_

    Good luck to all girls waiting and I hope all others are having a good recovery xx

    Donna Bowen 11

    Have added you xx

    Louise 20

    Hi Kimberley

    Great to hear you’re doing well – I had mine the same day at the Fitzroy and mine have settled lovely now too. I will add you on insta to follow your progress – I’m redrow-Warwick ?.

    Sarah 64

    Ive sent a follow request

    Dinky 4

    Sent a follow request too thank you ?

    Kristy 45

    Have added you, _myapatient2019_

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