Anyone else struggling with there sleep after op Started by: Jen

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  • Jen 7

    Hi just wondered if anyone else has be struggling with there sleep
    My 1st night I had 48mins
    Tonight I’ve only managed 4
    I’ve been up since 3,30 it’s now 4,30
    Just thinking it’s all from the op and all the drug
    And how long do we sleep sitting up?

    Heidi 197

    Sitting up for 2 weeks then on your back till 6 weeks post, try putting a thick pillow under your knees so they’re pretty bend, life saver for me xx

    Jen 7

    Thanks Heidi but it’s different I just can’t shut off and believe me I can normally sleep lol
    I still suffer with fatigue from when I had my stroke so yeah I know how to sleep lol
    Just wondered if this was normal xx

    Jamie 54

    I was excatly the same! I expected the anaesthetic to make me shattered but I couldn’t sleep at all for the first few nights, thank god for Netflix! X

    Jen 7

    Haha @Jamie same had my tab and earphones so I didn’t wake the house up hopefully I will sleep tonight although have a feeling I won’t xx

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