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    Hi 🙂 I’m currently researching a breast reduction job, and was wondering what the average cost, both outright & financed would be for this? Looking at this salary calculator I will have about £400 a month I can put towards financing (however would rather not be spending that much a month!). If it’s acceptable here, may I ask how costly your surgeries were? I don’t know whether to put it off and do it once I have a better income, or to do it now and get it over with. Thanks! 🙂


    Hello I’m in the same boat kind of I’m wanting a TT and BA I’ve booked for my first consultation on Saturday. But the whole price thing and affording it has put me off for so long. I’m just hoping it isn’t a waste of time because it’s too much for what I’ll be able to afford which would be really disappointing 🙁

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