Bleeding 4 days post op Started by: louise

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  • louise 3

    Hey girls,

    Just wondering if anyone else experienced bleeding post op? I had a bit spotting like blood first couple of days but had more the past day and half. Had to call a few times to get a nurse to call back had to be one from a different clinic as I think my nurse is away she said to expect a bit of bleeding but I feel like it’s coming from a stitch towards the bottom on one side. I think I’ll have to call them back tomorrow but has anyone else experienced this?

    Everything else seems fine, pain is as I would expect and nothing too major just a bit stingy and uncomfortable. There’s slight swelling but no bruising. And can’t seem to see anything weird but it is quite hard to look as I don’t want to poke around too much

    If anyone could let me know that would be great 🙂

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