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  • Georgia 18

    Hi girls.
    I have got a night out planned when I’m 3 weeks post op and just wondering if anyone has gone bra less at that stage ? I am currently allowed to go 2 hours a night without my support bra on and she said to progress if I want a little longer whenever I want. At the moment I hate not having my support bra on as my boobs feeel so heavy ! But with the outfit I have got you cannot wear a bra with it so not sure what to do, would yous advise or not ??

    Lara 33

    It’s not recommended, especially if a night out will last a few hours and involve moving around/ dancing as it might be painful or cause discomfort. The support bra helps keep them in place so they drop and fluff properly into the right position, without it at 3 weeks there is a risk it might displace.

    Sarah 64

    Nope wouldn’t do it at 3 weeks. Save the outfit for when you’re further on and enjoy it rather than worry about if youre doing any harm. That’s my advice anyway x

    Cara 9

    A few hours won’t hurt. You should be fine. Just don’t over do it in terms of being really active. I had my surgery 3rd December and went out for my boyfriend’s birthday around 20th December no probs at all. Just put it back on before you go to sleep that night. X


    It’s not worth the risk. You spent a lot of money on this.

    Not wearing the bra for a night out could cause your implants to be painful and heal wrong, the bra is to make sure they heal in the right place. My surgeon told me to wear my post op bra for 6 weeks and to only take off for a shower. They tell you this for a reason, don’t risk your boobs for 1 night out. Wear a different outfit or don’t go out.


    I went a few hours with a non supportive bra so I could wear a low cut top and nothing seemed to happen but it was only for a meal not dancing, I’d be careful x


    I wouldn’t risk it. You’re still healing at 3 weeks, it would be such a shame to upset the process in a way that would affect your long term results. I’m 6 weeks P.O. and just been given the green light to go braless…feels too weird though! x

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