Breast sagging after 10 months Started by: Jaimee jackson

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    Hi girls has this happened to anyone. I’m so disheartened I had my surgery in Feb 2019, and now they are just big saggy boobs. I’d rather have not had them done.

    Emma S 22

    Hi Jaime
    Really sorry to hear that you’re disappointed in your results, I’m only 10 weeks post op so I haven’t experienced them sagging.
    I had 250cc implants as my surgeon wouldn’t go bigger than 275cc as he said the bigger the implant the more likely they were to sag again.
    What size implant did you have ?
    Maybe go back to your surgeon so they can take a look .. I hope you can get it sorted.
    Emma x


    Hi Jaimee
    Did you have an uplift aswell? I had bigger implants than my surgeon recommend, but hoped having the uplift would prevent sagging anytime soon xx


    This exact same thing happened to me! I’m now a year post op and had full breast lift with 175cc implants under the muscle. Now my boobs have pretty much dropped to where they were before and they look huge. Plus my areola’s have stretched out also. I want a revision so bad.

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