can someone explain what 'late space' is please :) xx Started by: reg7

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    I have my surgeon consultation with mr Gonschior next friday :)… I was told that the wait for procedure after the consulatatiom is about 6 weeks maybe more :-/ … Does the ‘late space’ give you a chance of having it doen sooner?… If someone could explain what ‘late space’ is that would be great. Also anyone had nose reshaping with mr Gonschior? Would love to hear about your experienceand how long you had to wait. Thankyouu :D xxx


    yeh late space is like you go sooner and you get it a bit cheaper aswel. like if someone has dropped out they havelate spaces you can for them xx

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    Hi reg7

    The late space offer currently offers a discount on your procedure if you can be flexible with the date of your operation. To find out if there are any Late Space dates for Mr Gonschior please give your Patient Co-ordinator a call.

    MYA x


    I went in late november for a consultation and asked if there were any deals/discounts and was told my only option was to have late space but said there was a long waiting list.

    I wasnt really in a hurry and as I would have to wait two months anyway for a normal appointment it made more sense to go for the late space which would be a sooner opp and save some money.

    About 2 weeks later I got a call and was told there was a place for me in 2 weeks so I only had to wait 4 weeks!

    Def go for this option as people drop out or change dates all the time.

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    I had a call for a late space and only waited 6 days.


    How much is the late space discount?xx


    How much notice do you get of the surgery day? Like do you get told 2 weeks before, few days before? xx

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