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    Hey i am looking into having breast enlargement and live closest to the Chelmsford centre. Has anyone had a BA or seen any of the surgeons at this centre? Or can anyone offer me any advice on good surgeons at different centres. Thanks

    tracey 2

    i just had mine done through mya in chelmsford. i still had to go to london for my pre op and the actual op and i also got to go london next week for my post week check up.
    i had origionly paid for consultation with springfeild, but i did not feel very confident or comfortable there . i then had my first meeting with charlotte at the chelmsford mya and instantly felt tones better. I had a very breif meeting with marion grob a couple of weeks later to discuss my requirements, (she was my dr)
    all i had to say to her was that i would like as natural look as posible and to be around a c/d cup, She did the rest of the work for me lol. she had a quick look at me said id need under the muscel as i was so flat and also said id be better to have high prijection ones because the lower projection would prob give me a “bottom clevage” as i only have a small chest span. the only other things i had to choose were wich make of implants i wanted. and for me i chose to go for the extra £500 ones and have the “life time ones” and she gave me a choice of 3 implant sizez that would all bring me to around the c/d i wanted but one being slightly smaller n one being much more towards the d /dd but she did advise against that if i didnt want streatch marks. my choices were 345cc 365cc and 385cc i opted for the 365cc and marion told me that is what she thought was best for me aswell…. feel free to add me if you want to chat or have a noisey at pics so far 🙂
    ps aparently chelmsford will be able to do the pre ops and the after op checks there soon they just got to get some extra hands i think they said lol xx


    Hi…I had mine done thru the Chelmsford Clinic. I had Mr Chantarasak and I am delighted with the results. I had my surgery at Highgate but had my ore and post op appts at Upper Wimpole Street in London. I’m 6 weeks post op today 🙂 xx


    Hey thank you all for your responses they are all really helpful, ive looked at your pictures Tracey and they look amazing. Im similar to how you described yourself before the operation so found it really helpful 🙂 thank you everyone and congratulations on your surgery Tara glad your happy with the results! xxx

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