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    Hii ladiess – new to the forum.. got my consulation with the surgeon next wednesday, im soo excited already, dont think ill be able to wait once i have my op date! :)

    quick question.. i live close to Manchester and i think i would rather go in as a day case for my BA.. can anyone tell me how long you are at the hospital for after the op before you get discharged??

    just like to say a massive thankyou to all you lovely people, this forum has helped me sooo much to make my mind up. Really helps you to feel more at ease about the whole process – had to show my mum as shes a worrier and she was also very impressed! Also given me answers to all the daft questions that pop into my head non stop throughout the day!


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    I was at Manchester Lifestyle Hospital 4 weeks ago as a day case.
    Had my op at about 11.20am, was back in my room about 12.45pm, went back to the hotel at about 6.30pm.

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    i went in as a day case at manchester 12th October. I went into the hospital at 7.30 and my op was at 11.50, i was back home by 7ish. I wasnt too sure about day case at first but my finance wanted me to be at home with him. I was sooo happy i did this, the hospital is really nice and the nurses are really helpful but theres nothing like being at home.
    I asked loads of questions too its better off knowing all the facts!

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    thanks very much, reassuring to know you dont have to leave early!

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