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  • Chloe 2

    was given bad news yesturday from my job which I am being made redundant by the end of next week. Meaning i won’t be able to have my Ba anytime soon until I fibd another job in time. I have no saving and was going to get finance to pay but I higly doubt anyone will accept me with no income or less. I’m really disappointed and was really looking forward to going ahead this time with my Ba 🙁 xx


    Get finance cos they will want ur last months income get insurance on it ( covers redundancy) then claim don’t tell them u have lost ur job until after ur op, good luck! Xx

    Rayray 4

    You never know ? Try getting a loan out I’m sure they’ll accept. I got accepted for a loan and I dont work (I’m a housewife) plus my credit history ain’t so good. Always worth a try xx

    Chloe 2

    I was considering getting finance but I don’t think I can afford paying it off let alone save up until I get a new job. I live on my own so you can imagine how difficult it is with the money situation. Hope I’ find a way somehow to get my dream boobs. I was going to get redudunacy pay but I only work part time and only been with this company less than 6 months so won’t get much out of it xx

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