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    I’m 11days PO, feeling great, had very minimal pain and they look so natural already I hope they don’t change much atal but although ey are already getting softer I just hope they get even softer? So by the time I’m wearing bras will I be bake to push them right up? I’m just wondering how movable they are once they are settled haha xx

    candybabey 3

    Girls who start off with flat chest take longer to feel the soft feel of the breasts compared to someone who started off with plenty of breast tissue already.
    I started off with my own breast tissue already hence why I didn’t notice a difference but they are much jiggley compared to when I was 6 months post op.
    I am well over 10 months post op now and feel like jelly beans when squeezed and soft in certain areas but they also ho hard when I am cold lol they have their own minds lol xx


    I agree with candybabey, I’m 6 months post op and mine have softened a lot of last few months but they do gave days when they feel like rocks, they def have minds of their ownx


    I’m 8 weeks on and mine are jiggly and soft and I had inspira soft touches which are meant to be slightly firmer. Once your skin relaxes they really soften x

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