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  • Tamarra 5

    Hi girls just wanted advice. I’m having my op in London so we’re looking for a hotel etc. Hubby wants to book somewhere nice so we can go to dinner that night and enjoy the hotel. I’m not sure I’d be up 2 this after my op. I’m first on the list (latex) so do u think by the night I’d be up to eating and walking around or not. Don’t wanna spend loads on a hotel if just going to sit in room and sleep xxx

    Regina 38

    Hi Tamarra, you probably won’t be up for it, I wasn’t in too much of a pain as I had overs but definitely felt a bit fragile and was dipping in and out of sleep for the rest of the day. xx

    Sophie 2

    Room service is probably a better idea I just had dinner and watched a film in bed .. Your quite tired after. X

    Alex 119

    I couldn’t have managed a meal out, I could barely eat my takeaway haha. Don’t know whether it was the anesthetic/pain killers but I felt really out of it, plus I couldn’t move my arms very much and was just generally uncomfortable. But my op was at 2pm so didn’t have much time to recover before tea time. You might feel ok though, everyone is different, if you’re pain threshold is good you might be able to manage. Good luck for your op 🙂 xo

    Tamarra 5

    Thanks girls think im going to just book a nice room with a big tv and comfy bed and like you said have room service I’m having big implants too so I thought the weight would also be very hard to get used too. I’m first on the list so hopefully won’t be in too long. Xx

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