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  • Georgia 15

    I am currently 11 days post. I spoke to my nurse on my 1 week appointment and asked about when I would be able to go back to the gym ( I use to go 5-6 days a week before surgery) she said I cannot go to the gym for 6 weeks but can go walking. Would I not even be able to go on the treadmill at the gym and ride the exercise bike ? I am getting withdrawal symptoms my life resolves around the gym and I have major anxiety about putting on weight. I cannot physically have 6 weeks off . I understand I won’t be able to lift weights and do high intensity classes until after 6 weeks, but is sit-ups a no no aswell?

    Gemma 17

    Hi Georgia! I’m exactly the same but my op is in Two week. Personally I wouldn’t even consider going to the gym in the first two week. Think of it as a break for your body. It will thank you for it! It’s going to be tough mentally but just think it’s only temporary and by the end you’ll have boobs and you can get fit again! See how you are at 4week. You’ll know your body the best. Just definitely no heavy lifting xxxx

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