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  • Tor Shields 75

    I had thought I would be able to get measured up for my first bra next week as I’m 6 weeks po but I saw my surgeon today and he told me I should be wearing the sports bras for at least 3 months to give me the best support as my boobs are so large. I’m a bit disheartened as I thought I could finally start to dress nice again. When did everyone else stop wearing the ugly big bras? x

    Cara 9

    Hey. I didn’t go with Mya. But I also was advised to wear a sports bra for 3 months

    Chloe 22

    Helloo, I’ve been told you don’t have to wear it throughout the day after 6 weeks but to still wear it when you go to bed x

    charlotte 6

    I’ve just been for my 6 week check up today & my surgeon said I can stop wearing mine now. I’m currently laid in bed with just my pj top on & it feels odd now as so used to sleeping supported in the bra. X

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