Girls with 350 partials please share your results :D Started by: Emily prime

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    Please may you shAre your journeys and pictures of 350cc particles dosnt matter what stage of Your journey your at! Be really good to see before my turn on the 25th April eeeeeeeek!

    alli 1

    Hey! I’ve had 340s on my first op… Have a few pics up but since then I had 420s on my second BA! Just uploaded my most recent pics. You can msg me on my profile and will add you to have a look at my album . I’m a size 6 with E cup now but my size hasn’t changed much in bra size since 340cc as implant size isn’t much different

    Amy 263

    Hi Emily pre op I was 32a post I an 14 weeks post op and a 32e.
    I had 375cc hp partials.
    I attended leeds clinic and had louisa as my pc. My surgeon was Mr kazzazi and I had my op at doncaster natural look clinic.
    I have had first class service all the way and a fantastic recovery.feel free to add me and look at my results x

    Chelsea 38

    Hi! I was a 32a/aa I’ve had 300cc partials I am 15 days post op! Feel free to add me for photos I’m currently a D cup now! Very happy and it is early days for partials as I know they change dramatically!! I went to fitzroy was in for 9.15 I had mr Singh and the nurse in by 10 to draw on me and speak and I was in surgery for 11.15! It’s not bad as I watched television in bed and it goes so quick, before I knew it I woke up with boobs! I did have a lot of pain to be honest just couldn’t move properly but it’s all worth it, keep up with your meds and your be fine! Highly recommend taking a big v pillow with you for the hospital car and home I love mine!! I’m now 15 days post and can do pretty much everything as normal, I still have an ache and the odd pains but then my body is adjusting! Any questions feel free to ask me

    Rosie coffey 20

    Hey Hun I was 32B had 325cc partials and I’m 3 weeks post op in a 32DD sports bra xxx

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