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    I have to say all in all FAULTLESS!

    Here’s my story again:

    Heyy! Got to Ross Hall hospital in Glasgow at 9.30am, half an hour early, receptionist’s face light up when she saw me come in lol! she was lovely, and I got taken to my room almost straight after arriving EVEN though I was early. My mum and dad were able to stay with me too, and the place was allot like a nice hotel and cleaners EVERYWHERE CLEANING EVERYWHERE! But they ALL stop cleaning like your the queen on something to let you by lol! The lady who took me to my room was lovely. Not long after a nurse came to take my blood pressure and heartbeat and stuff. I was seen by another 2 nurses or so, they were both nice too. Had to give a URINE sample….ewwww…..but that was fine, they give you like a very thick paper bedpan on your toilet seat to do it in, and you press your nurse call button for them to take it away.

    I was seen by Ben Chew my surgeon at around 11.30am and he told me I wouldnt be going in at 12noon because someone else was running late and that I would be taken out at 1pm-ish. When he came in I was slagging him because he had they croc shoes on with “Neil’s” written on them LOL! I was like “aww aye, should I hide my purse incase you bump (Scottish slang for steal) that too?” LOL He said they were not the right shoes but he was sure ‘Neil’ had taken his lol. He drew all over me but was VERY precise and proper and double checked everything and noticed my BOOB are perfectly symmetrical but my actual TORSO isnt! lol so my ribs and back are a bit skewed but only by like 1cm lol.

    He left me then 1pm came, and noone came, BUT at 1.06pm a man and a woman came in my room with a bed and wheeled me downstairs near to where the theatre was. They took me down VERY quickly lol was like I was being KIDNAPPED or something lol!anyway, I was in my bed next to another guy and another woman at the other side of him, I think they had already had surgery coz they were well and truly conked-out.

    Then they wheeled me to the room JUST outside the Theatre room, here I said “Im shit scared of needles by the way” but when they put the needle in they chatted away to me bout stuff and tbh the needle was rli quite sore! but only for like 5 seconds and I was probably all tensed up because of my fear of needles lol!

    I remember talking to them a little for like 5 minutes and feeling like I had a full bottle of Peach Schnapps again……then I must have conked-out….

    I woke up in that room next to theatre where I saw the other conked-out people before.

    I kept trying to sit up but the nurses wouldnt let me, kept telling me to “lie back, lie back, lie back” lol they were very tolerant though, I remember waving to people LOL but cant remember who…..I think one of them was another conked-out lady who also waved back to me XD They took me back to my room not long after and on the way up I saw my mum waiting on me in the corridor lol and I said “Whit you doin here?” lol I hadnt realised how late it was, she was supposed to be back around 3ish coz I was meant to be out at like 2.45pm but I didnt come out til like 4.30pm. It wasnt bad, I kept trying to sleep the anaesthetic off but people KEPT coming in to check my blood pressure like every 40 minutes or so, was a pain in the BUM! But had to be done….lol. Then I wanted to try eating my food. I was in a different room to before because my surgery ran on so long and rather than getting a crappy bit of toast that I was SUPPOSED to get I ended up with a nice 3 course meal Chose Heinz tomato soup, which wasnt on the menu but they said they could do it for me if I wanted, cheesy cauliflower and broccoli with potatoes and carrots and some lemon sorbet. Was all very good I HAD to stay until 8.30pm before theyd let me go because Id only woken up at 4.30, they have to keep you in for 4 hours after the anaesthetic starts to wear off.

    I kept asking when I could go home and my mum sat with me for the 4 hours I had to wait, her and my dad had gone out for some food and went to silverburn while I was in hospital and had that fish-eating-your-dead-skin-on-your-feet SPA TREATMENT!!! JEALOUS!!! But they bought me some sweets and food when they were out because I wasnt the biggest fan of toast and flora and thats all I thought I was getting, but when I ended up with a 3 course meal so my mum ate the food she got me lol! I was able to go to the toilet myself which was good and was able to get myself dressed for leaving although putting pants or trousers on is a bit risky!!! lol I have to hold onto a wall and reach down to my feet rather than bend over to do it lol.

    After a while the tiniest nurse you ever seen came and saw me for my final blood pressure and stuff and took me in a chair to the front door to be picked up by my mum. I walked down fine and the car journey home was fine apart from the fact I just wanted to SLEEP!

    When I got homw I have 1 HUGE pillow, 4 others and then my V-shaped pillow, the only way I coudl sleep was to sleep propped-up AND tilted to one side a bit whilst cuddling two more pillows lol. I woke up about every 2-3 hours and I made sure I swapped the side I was tilted to just so I dont end up with lop-sided boobs lol!

    Everything else is ok though, I can eat, pour a drink and drink on my own without a straw or anything can put zippy tops on but my mum had to help me put my black strappy top on because I couldnt get it over my head but can pull it down myself.

    Iv had some more painkillers and antibiotics this morning, did it myself, and been to the toilet, myself lol just not eaten yet….and only JUST realised while writing THIS that I REALLY SHOULD have eaten b4 my pills :S WOOPS!

    Im sitting in the biggest bra I have which is my 36DD (which is the same as like a 34EE) Im hoping Ill end up being a 34E after a couple of months, what do you guys think I’ll be? I think theyll stretch and get a LITTLE bigger or stretch and stay the same size, I doubt theyll end-up smaller…..I do realise theyll probably go through a process of swelling going down so getting smaller, then settling so maybe a tiny bit bigger? then fluff a little so get a LITTLE bigger again?

    Aftercare: So for I had a phonecall from my MYA nurse the day after my BA, a phonecall 2 days after my BA from my PC then another from a head nurse in England as my nurse had been nightshift then TODAY a nurse from Ross Hall called me, just to see how I was doing etc.

    So far (3 days post op) my boobs are softening at the same rate as each other,, are both very symmetrical, are settling nice and close together, my left scar is more bruised than my right and this causes me a bit of pain when my painkillers begin to wear off but I think this is because I wanted to have 505ccs initially and he couldnt fit the implant in so had to take it back out so I think my left boob may have gone through a bit more trauma than the right.

    I also noticed that you can go with BMI healthcare for a BA for £4100 for an overnight stay, Ross Hall belongs to BMI and you would still be able to choose Ben Chew or any of the other surgeons at Ross Hall, just thought I’d say incase any1 thought maybe that would be a better option for them.


    Thanks bexepie. I’m going to Ross Hall on March 24th… sounds like I have nothing to worry about :)

    Glad it went well! congrats on your lovely new boobies! xx


    lol I was thinking that maybe the girls who have been let down by MYA Manchester should maybe see if they could get theirs done in Glasgow instead…..It’s a really good place afterall

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