Going in for Breast reduction on Wednesday? Any advice! Started by: Amy Dunstall

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    Help! Started panicking any last min advice what to take? Or any just good advice? I am 34 and have had two children and have been miserable for so long but now panicking…


    Hey Amy,,

    So for the hospital bag I took –
    Button up pjs,
    Macom bras,
    Trackies & leggings,
    Button up top,
    Slip on trainers,
    Toothbrush & paste (I took electric was easier)
    Hairbrush, hair ties,
    Bottle of water, crisps, chocolate bar, sweets (you might want these after your op, perk you up.)
    Cough sweets (didn’t need them but you might have a sore throat after the op)
    Chewing gum (in case can’t brush teeth)
    Baby wipes & femfresh wipes,
    Sanitary towels (just in case)
    Roll on deodorant,
    Dressing gown,
    V pillow,
    Slip on Slippers,
    iPad (for entertainment, you’ll be waiting around a while)
    Or magazine / books,

    As for advice for recovery I’d just take every day as it comes, do plenty of resting and feet up. The first few days I felt amazing like nothing had changed but the drugs were definitely still in my system after a few days I felt really down and sad (post op blues) they lasted about 2 weeks. Don’t push yourself to much, I pretty much lived off my other half helping me. I spent most of my time on the sofa watching endless Netflix, didn’t wash my hair for like a week & just lived in pjs.

    Don’t expect to much from yourself and don’t feel disheartened if you can’t do something as easily like you used to .. also meal prepping is a good idea, or having stuff that you can easily put in microwave etc i lived off noodles for a good while! Make sure you eat plenty of protein, vegetables etc this will help with your healing. And drink plenty of fluids, I was drinking about 3-4 bottles a day.

    When it comes to sleeping you will need to be upright for at least the first 2-3 weeks, so definitely invest in a v pillow it’ll help massively. I’m 5 weeks post op and I can’t only just lie on my side a bit..

    Make sure that you’ve got things in reaching area so for example pulling stuff down so they’re on the kitchen surface, mugs, plates etc.

    Try to get out the house as well even if it’s a just a little walk down the road and back, trust me you’ll get cabin fever ?

    I hope that you’ve got a lot of support around you and people that care and will come see you or at least message or something cause that’s what you count on when you feel so down! Your mates.. and you might even find out who your true friends are, I know I certainly have! Haha..

    Hope you’re not worrying too much about the op, you’ll be sound ? they’ll take care of you in hospital ?

    If you need any other help or question just ask away, xxx

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