Going out at 4 weeks post op! Started by: Naomi

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  • Naomi 1

    I had 400cc HP Implants placed under the muscle on the 22nd of January and I have my friends 21st birthday party on the 16th of Feb…the outfits I have planned requires me wearing a strapless bra(only ones I can find are underwired) or to go completely braless! What do you girls recommend doing, will I be okay to go braless for a few hours or Is that a big no no? Xx

    Natasha 9

    Hi what did you end up doing bra wise? X

    Cara 9

    I went on a night out bra less at 2 weeks post op. When I got indoors I just put my post op bra back on before I got in to bed. I had browsed this forum before I did that and the general consensus was that a few hours won’t do any harm. I’m not sure about underwire though, I would imagine that may irritate your scar rubbing on it. Xx

    PerkieDs 12

    I think going braless 4 weeeks post op for a few hours is okay.
    dont wear anythink underwired, and ensure you put the macom back on when you get home x

    Naomi 1

    Hiya girls thanks for all your replies! I ended up going braless and my boobs are still intact lol? To be honest they feel more relaxed and more movable since going braless for a few hours sat night! Xx

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