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    Hi Ladies,

    Had my op with Mr. Adamo yesterday. 370cc

    I had re-augmentation ie my old implants (14 years old) taken out and they looked like brand new, funny that. Reason for op? I just always wished I had gone bigger since my first op but I was really small A and my first surgeon only wanted to use 240cc on me so I measured small ‘C’.

    So yesterday I had new implants and I should guess im about a ‘D’ or so. Skin is so tight that this is obviously not end result + they are sitting quite high today.

    Mr. Adamo created a very precise pocket for the implant so not needing to wear a sports bra. Feels like I am on safari and a littel elephant taken a seat on my chest. Not taken painkillers as I dont think it is too bad (so far) and Left breast is making some noises which is normal.

    Mr. Adamo and Dr Chitra (anaesthetist) were fantastic and so was my nurse Esther. Esther came into my room every 15 minutes and couldnt have done more for me. I am usually quite good with anaesthetic, this time I felt quite lightheaded and left Highgate by 7pm as I live in central London so opted for daycase. Food at Highgate was amazing BTW.

    it is a bit difficult mobilising today so spent most of day in bed on laptop but managed to made myself a cup of tea :)

    What was so lovely was that two other Mr. Adamo patients came into my room after op (Awwww) so it was like a little gathering. They had been operated already and we were all comparing notes. Nurse Esther was laughing and saying that because of the MYA forum patients are constantly running between eachother’s rooms and in the beginning she couldn’t undersatnd how everyone knew one another lol.

    Sorry, this is becoming and essay. (this was my second op with MYA – Had my rhinoplasty there too).


    Lots of love x


    staceylash 1

    Aww glad you’ve had good experiences with mya and your surgeries have gone well, happy healing X


    Happy healing n lol lol about the forum lol …funny. Xx

    suzyp 2

    Glad to hear you had a good experience at Highgate! I’m there on Saturday, so excited! Did you have unders or overs? xx

    Simone 3

    Aww that’s a great story! Thanks for sharing and happy healing! Hope the little elephant moves soon lol xx

    shazzy692002 -1

    I was their to. i also was running from room to room with the lovely channy/shell and pollyanne.

    I had my singh.


    Hi suzyp

    I had overs. Mr Adamo widened my pocket so I should have a nice cleavage.

    I went to hairdressers today as I needed my hair washed and didnt want to do at home. Felt fine even though 1 day post op.

    shazzy692002 – shame I did not see you. I actually shared the lift with Mr. Singh on my way to theatre. He made a really funny joke..

    I hope you are healing well!!! kiss x


    Congrats on your new boobies Caroline :-) I also had Mr Adamo, he’s such a lovely man. Take it easy, and happy healing x


    congratulations! my implants are 11 years old now and I am thinking about replacing them

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