Hard boobs at 6 wks Started by: Louise

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  • Louise 20

    At what stage should boobs be softening? Mine still feel hard at almost 6wks…. The outer layers softened when the swelling went at about 2wks and I can push them up or together but they still seem so hard. I had 400cc overs ?.

    Tor Shields 75

    I’m at 5 weeks today and mine have softened a lot but they’re still not completely soft. I think different people heal at different speeds so I’m sure yours will start to soften soon x

    J 28

    There is an awesome video on MYA insta of one of the girls. There are 4x squares in the video each represents different months.. She is jiggling her boobs there haha but it is the best representation of how your boobs will soften over time. I’m 7 weeks PO now, I thought my boobs were soft, then checked my friend’s real boobs and realised there still a long way to go hahaha.

    I think about 3m mark they will get almost like real and almost final result, but 1y later is the best representation how they are going to stay 🙂

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