Has anyone had a rhinoplasty after already having had nose filler? Started by: Chloe Louise Wharton

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    I’m booked in with Dr Andrea in April for an open septo rhinoplasty and alar base reduction. I used to have filler injected into my nose to improve the appearance and get rid of the hump, however, grew tired of it and decided that i wanted an actual nose job. It’ll have been a year since my last filler injection by the time of my op, which Dr Andrea said was fine and assured me wont be a problem, however, i was just wondering whether there are any other girls/guys who have had a nose job after having filler and what your experience of it was and whether your results were successful? xx

    Em96 4

    Hiya, did you get an answer this this at all? x


    Hey babe, so sorry for the late response. I never got an answer lol but i had my procedure having had filler previously and without boasting, my results are incredible. Mr Giannitrapani is the nose God! You can see my before and afters on my instagra: chloe_mya_x

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