Help…275/300cc? With a gap Started by: Kimberley Smith

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    I am 5’5, 8.8st and a size 6/8. I can’t decide between the sizes and I already have a large gap between my breasts which are proberly a 32a. Does going bigger close the gap more?


    Heyy! I was wondering the same so hope you don’t mind me jumping on your thread? When is your surgery booked for? X

    Pink chick 28

    So the size of implant you can be offered depends on your chest width measurement. What you’ll find is that a mod plus implant will be wider than the same volume in high profile so it worth looking at the different profiles.


    I’m booked in for a week today and still can’t decide!
    The profiles was another thing I’ve been worrying about, I’ve read that the mod plus would be better for a gap, I know it’s impossible to have them together but I want the gap to be as small as I possibly can

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