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    Hey, I have been thinking of doing a nose job for a while now and been searching for the best places to do it in London. I am so confused as there are many clinics here. Which clinic and surgeon is the best one in London? Has anyone done it before and could recommend a London surgeon?
    I am afraid my nose will get worse and I will get disappointed and perhaps have difficulty in breathing etc. So hard to find the best one. So any help and advice would be great thank you 🙂

    Louise 76

    Hey! I don’t think there is ever one surgeon or company that is the Best, my outcome of rhinoplasty May be completely different to yours, you need to do lots of research, follow Instagram accounts of surgeons that you like, look at their work, what noses are similar to yours, what outcomes you like the best, ask patients of that surgeon how their experience was. I have been following Mya for years. I had my breast enlargement here two years ago and I suppose for me it’s like going back home, I know what it’s like being a mya patient. I have also been following Dr Andrea Giannitrapani ( a surgeon who works with Mya) for a long time, and I love his work and the outcomes for his patients. I have taken the step and booked surgery with him! However like I previously said although I love his work, I’ve heard great reviews, it does not mean I’ll get the same results, it does not guarantee I will get the results I want. You have to but your trust into a surgeon, nothing is ever promised. So find a few surgeons you love, met them and put your trust in that one surgeon you really have faith in!xx

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