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    Hey everyone! I’m only 19 but I am very very unhappy with my nose.. whilst researching I seen posts where people have got the surgery done and they’ve had really bad swelling, is that normal? And if you’ve had your surgery done at MYA how long did you get your surgery done after the consultation?

    Thank you xxxx


    I haven’t had my surgery yet but I know that swelling is normal, due to pressure.
    It varies person to person though.
    I am at surgeon consultation stage and am looking to get the surgery done in January but so long as you’ve had you consultation and are happy, you can go for the surgery as soon as you like 🙂


    Oh and also, you have 6 months after the consultation to book. Any longer than that and you have to have a second consultation


    Thank you so much! I want to have my surgery done before my birthday which is in jan ! Hope fully everything goes to plan. Aww good luck with your surgery, when did you have your consultation?

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