Hospital essentials help!!!! Started by: Emily Trenaman

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    I’m having my op on Sunday in Preston.
    I know the basic essentials I’ll need to take with me but I’m feeling super nervous so just wondered if there was anything anyone else found helpful during their hospital stay and the for the following days after!
    Thanks xx

    Ashlea 1

    I had mine done there 2 weeks ago. I was exactly the same, very nervous! But just try remember how exciting it is to be having new boobs!! And just keep yourself busy I’d say xxx

    Emma 28

    It depends if you were over night ? I was so took some button up pjs , dressing gown and slippers , fragrance free wet wipes (for under arms in the morning as can’t use deodorant or shower ) hairbrush and bobble , tooth brush and paste , underwear And Macon /sports bra etc and snacks , I took leggings and a zip up hoody for travelling home . I found vasaline for lips helpful as they wer very dry after the op , change for vending machine if you wanna send for partner for something etc and phone charger , I also took some magazines but didn’t really read them ! The one thing I wouldn’t have been without tho is my v pillow x


    Thank you both for your help! Super exciting xx

    Donna 2

    Hi Emily I had mine 5th of November in preston, one of the nurses have been trying 2 get msg over 2 mya for all to take dressing gown and slippers weva day case or over nite, a v pillow will b great not just in the hospital but for a gud while after, I’m still using mine. I was also nervous to, I must say all the nurses and staff at the hospital were really lovely and the nurses took really good care of me so wasn’t scary as I thought ? good luck your op ull b fine ?xx

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