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    Hiya girls, im new here and just wanted some advice i have my consultation in london on wednesday,im currently a c cup and want to go up to a E-EE cup, is that possible???

    Any advice would be great thanks



    not possible to tell you exactly hun untill uve seen your surgeon it completely depends on the width of your breast and how much breast tissue u have, but id guess u shud be able to achieve that :) xx

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    Its totally possible!! Im a b cup n goin upto about an F xxx


    Can be done dependin on how much breast tissue u av now.. I went from a B 2 a F with 525s.. Xx


    Yeha it deinitely depends because im a B cup but can only have 380cc because my breast are narrow and if i had bigger they would show at the sides :( should still achieve a DD acording to mr falladah though! Good luck at your consultation :) xxx

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