I have had a nose job and a boob job so if anyone needs any help etc … Started by: xabbi1988x

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    Then just email me and I will answer any questions u have xx


    how did you feel the recover went for the nose,xxx

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    Hi, who did your nose job hun? I have mine booked with mr gonschoir xx


    Really well. I thought I was going to be in loads of pain but it didn’t hurt n I was booked in to stay all night after the op but decided I was ok to go home. The day after the op I did have bruised eyes but they went away within a week and the day after I got the cast of I was ok enough to go out 4 my friends bday. The worse bit was just sleeping upright 2 me and although I was happy with how my nose looked as soon as they took the cast off the swelling did take almost a year 2 completely go! X


    I had mine with mr gonchiour (can’t spell) too. I really liked him and he put me at ease! X

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