If you apply….does that commit you to the loan?? Started by: jamield

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    ok….im new here, i had my first consultation today originally intended to save for BA but after today id do it tommorow if i could! kinda getting a bit carried away with the whole idea and just want to see if the finance would be there before i put the whole thing to my boyfriend and see if hes on board (hes a little bit against credit….but all for the BA)
    I randomly recieved a letter a few weeks ago from Black horse as i have had a loan with them before and apparently due to my excellent repayment record i have been selected for a special priority loan offer?? i have been on the website and done the thing where you pick how much and over how long and it then says APPLY NOW? i may not accept the loan (or be acceptd) but i want to know if theyl give it me….by clicking APPLY NOW am i accepting the offer or signing up….im not ready to do that yet??? just curious i guess??? HELP!? and very soon i could be joining all the excited ppl on here with dates and sizes etc!!!! xxx

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