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  • Chloe 13

    Hello girls ? I had my op on Thursday its like I havent had them done pain wise but my scars are so itchy I cant cope 🙁 is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is there anything to ease it xxx

    Angie 26

    It is a good thing as long as it is not red or weeping usually it is a sign of healing Use ice packs but have them in the fridge not the freezer and don’t put direct on the incisions either above or below this was a big help for me any concerns ring your nurse happy healing ? xx

    Chris 33

    Congrats on your op!
    Mine were so itchy! Totally normal.
    I found myself using the same technique I’ve used for all my tattoos – scratching gently in an area I know won’t be affected (quite below the incisions, on my ribs). I think it’s like a psychological thing, the action of scratching helps in itself (like people quitting smoking who have to put pens to their mouths when they crave a ciggie).
    Angie’s advice is much better, but if you’re careful & outside with no access to ice packs….
    All the best!

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