Leeds Clinic- anybody else feel like theyre talking to a wall??? Started by: Amanda Jane

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    Sat here typing this in tears girls, I had my original BA 2 years ago with the lovely Louisa as my PC and nurse Jenny through leeds MYA, Mr Kazzazi was my surgeon and went through mya to have my op at Natural Look Clinic Doncaster, everything went perfectly and was over the moon with the service I got from the Leeds clinic and all of the staff at the hopsital, i could not have been more impressed. Sadly 2 years later I have had a capsulectomy as I got CC in my right breast. Worst experience ever- not the surgery ( as the staff at the hospital were as kind and fantastic as ever and the op went perfect) however with MYA every single one of my appointments both post and pre-revision surgery has been booked incorrectly/notbooked/we dont know who you are/incorrect times on the email or has been AT LEAST 30 mins late ( sitting in a sweaty room with at least 9/10 other girls all waiting for their appointment is NOT a fun experience when your in pain/strapped up/ feeling minging). I’m now almost 4 weeks post op and my problem boob hasnt quite healed properly, however being normal and working a full time job means I cant ‘just pop in’ therefore trying to re-arrange an appointment to see the nurse again to get my steri strips removed and checked has been HELLISH. I was asked the other day by a member of MYA staff ( no idea who she was)why I was actually calling? well actually the reason is BECAUSE THE NURSE ADVISED ME TO?!? ya know, being not signed off yet and having a leaky boob?? every time I call I’m spoken to like they have no idea why Im calling/who I am, and its almost as though the reception staff have no access to see who’s appointment is booked for when? I called once to confirm my appointment time, and the lady I spoke to said’ I dont know, cant you remember?I’ll just re-arrange it for you’ Im absoloutely gutted, distraught is not even the word. The nurse’s I have seen have always been really kind and professional at all times but I just dont understand how a clinic can run like this? what am I supposed to do? discharge myself? pull my plasters off and hope for the best?? It feels like nobody there except the nurses really give a flying monkeys about me ( not just me personally, but maybe other girls feeling like this too? or maybe it is me personally?? no idea why!!!!!!!!!!! ) anybody had similar? can anybody give me any advice? Im literally sick of calling and going round in circles EVERY time, and coming off the phone wishing Id used another company to do this for me!! What happened to duty of care? nobody has even chased me to say ‘ you need to come in and re-arrange your appointment as we haven’t signed you off yet, when would be convenient?’ Im really sorry ladies but as Im sure some might agree, this really wasn’t what I was expecting after having such a great experience 2 years ago 🙁 I cant even explain how frustrated and upset this is making me, I just want to get signed off now and forget MYA even exist and forget about this whole stressful time, I’m not asking for anything out of the ordinary or any special treatment just a bit of support and the customer service that most people would expect!!! 🙁


    Amanda I have had exactly the same experience at Leeds! My op is on Wednesday 26th October and I’m not one bit excited. It’s been so stressful, I’ve constantly had to chase them to book in appointments etc. Literally the minute I paid my deposit I didnt hear a thing from anyone! My PC was based in Nottingham and left the company but nobody bothered to tell me! The final straw was 2 weeks ago when I went to meet with Dr Andrea to confirm size etc, he was running late due to a delayed flight which is fine these things happen but instead of the girls being honest with mr and saying he had to go to London that night and he probably wouldn’t get chance to see me they fed me aload of rubbish and said not to worry he would catch up. I waited over an hour for him then to walk out without even seeing me! I’m now seeing him 2 days before my op! I’m so frustrated it’s really not the experience I expected when I’ve paid so much money! Just been clinging on to the fact Dr Andrea is great and surely the aftercare won’t be as bad but from what you are saying it’s not looking good!

    Paulina 8

    Leeds clinic… well, communication with both me a my GP is crap. I only has one appointment with doctor Andrea and my PC Aimee said it is enough. Recieved text last night that I owe them more than I was informed in final consultation with Dr Andrea and rang them so I recieved appologies as office must have got it wrong. My operation date is 6th Feb, had previous consultation with different surgeon and beforehand we booked it end of January. Surgeon refused to operate me as I need lift so after consultation with dr Andrea we needed to change the date. On my app it is still end of January rang to change it they said it will go automatically. My only hope is, that 6th would still be my date, cause I only have one opportunity a year to do that. If not, as far as I am aware, I will choose different clinic next year.

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